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Pantaleo Forest

Pantaleo Forest

Pantaleo Forest.

The Sulcis mountains are covered with a blanket of dense vegetation
dominated by deciduos holm-oak thickets. Pantaleo Forest corresponds to the
most extensive stretch of holm-oak in Europe and the Mediterranean.
The territory exhibits many rare species like yew, holly and some endemic
trees such as Mount Etna broom.
The habitat hosts a remarkable variety of fauna, perhaps the most famous
being Sardinian Deer, but also comprises wildcats, martens, foxes
and weaseals.

It is also the nesting place of the golden eagle and goshawk amongst other
more profuse species such as the sparrow-hawk and peregrine falcon.
Pantaleo Forest has great importance as resting place for migratory birds.
Moreover, in 1988 a project was undertaken, with great success, for
experimental breeding of the Sardinian hare.
The buildings that now house the Forest Station date back to the early
900s and were part of an industrial plant for the distillation of wood.

Pantaleo Forest
Tree’s leave

In those times the “pyroligneous liquor” obtained from the wood was
used as a commercial source of acetic acid.
One of the historic sites of the “Sardinian Red Deer Project“, aimed
at the protection and reintroduction of this important endemic subspecies
in Sardinia, is actually located within the Sulcis State Forest, in the locality
know as “Is Cannoneris”.

How to get there: see the road from Cagliari.
The Pantaleo Forest Station is on the no. 1 Provincial Road and can be reached
from Santadi by driving along an 8Kms stretch of asphalt road.
It can also be reached from S.Lucia, Capoterra, by driving for about 25Kms
along a dirty road. We’d like to let you know that our b&b Ca del Sol is in Cagliari downtown.

If you like you can easily reach the forest for a worth daytrip.
So, have a look to our best proposal for your staying.

Pantaleo Forest
Pantaleo’s visitor center

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