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10th Ca’ del Sol Anniversary


It was May 29th 2008 when the City of Cagliari government issued the authorization No.3777
allowing us to, finally, open the doors of Ca ‘del Sol bed and breakfast to travelers who love
this paradisiac island which is called Sardinia!
The Mediterranean Sun really came in, illuminating the first arrivals of guests from the other side
of the Sea, we were happy to be able to told them about Sardinia and in particular about the city of Cagliari.

Today, after ten years of hard job, but also after formidable meetings and important and completely
unexpected awards, we always smile to those who come to visit us because they read about our bb
or because a friend or a relative has spoke him about us.

The enthusiasm is still like ten years ago and we will continue to be like so, for many more years!

As you know…”The more the Sun shines, the Happier I feel” 🙂

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Stay tuned on May 29th, it will be really easy for you to grab a surprise! 🙂
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10th Ca del Sol Anniversary

[Edit: 05.24.18]

We feel so proud, flattered and surprised ’cause TripAdvisor has sent us,
for the second time after the 2017′ one, the 2018′ Certificate of Excellece!
Just some days Before the May 29th anniversary.
What a big shock here!

Thank you all!



ca' del sol bb cagliari 2018 tripadvisor certificate of excellence


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