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Should I pay in Cagliari the tourist TAX?

Should I pay in Cagliari the tourist TAX?

Yes! By resolution of the City Council No. 60 of April 19th 2021, the Tourist Tax was established in the city of Cagliari and its regulation was approved. The Cagliari tourist tax applies to non-residents in the municipality of Cagliari, for a maximum of 5 consecutive stays, at a rate of 1,50 euros per person per night. You have to pay by cash euros this tax upon arrival. Thank you!
There are also the following exemptions:

– minors up to 12 years of age and seniors over 65;

– people who assist patients admitted to health centers in the area, including day hospitals, for a maximum of 2 companions per patient and also patients receiving hospital treatment as outpatients;

– personnel belonging to the police force, the national fire department and civil protection who, due to the exclusive needs of the service, and limited to the duration of the service, remain in the accommodation facilities of the municipality;

– the severely disabled, whose disability is certified

– employees of accommodation facilities who stay there for unique work needs.

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