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How do you manage anti-covid19 process?

How do you manage anti-covid19 process?

We respect the Italian government’s health protocol:

– You are obliged to wear the mask in the common areas.
– Before entering the common areas you will be obliged to wash your hands with the disinfectant solution.
– The social distancing must be respected in particular upon arrival at Ca ‘del Sol: you can take a photo front and back of the document
and send it us via email to complete the registration according to the national law.
– Breakfast will be served on a tray and not a buffet, it may have limitations on the choice of products, preferring the packaged ones.
– The rooms are cleaned with disinfectant solution containing 0.1% of hypochlorite and 70% of denatured alcohol and are sanitized with
steam at 356°F so, 99.999% of viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi and spores are thus eliminated.
– Only six people will be admitted at Ca’ del Sol.
– Only two bedrooms available for guests.
Domanda: What do you serve for breakfast:

Conforming with the anti-covid19 Italian government’s health protocol, we will serve you the breakfast on a tray and not a buffet, with packaged products, this will ensure the maximum possible safety by avoiding food handling.

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