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Trekking in Cagliari

Best Trekking in Cagliari: Sella del Diavolo.

Visible from anywhere in the city, Sella del Diavolo becomes a real point of view
in the capital of the Sardinia island. One of the best trekking in Cagliari city, indeed!
The path that leads to the top of the promontory, named Sant’Elia,
it is a pleasant walking-experience that, during the spring time, is a kind of day-dream!
Sa Sedda ‘e Su Diaulu (in Sardu language, Devil’s Saddle in English), Daniela and Michele
tell you about it as, yesterday we shot some pictures just for you! So follow us! 🙂

How to reach this trekking in Cagliari starting point?

From the city center of Cagliari, with public bus CTM #5, #11 or #5/11 (active on festivities) within ten
minutes you reach the ride-terminus of Cala Mosca, from here you continue by walk until you meet the
beginning of the path that very easy heads to the Belvedere-Top of the Hill.

How is it?

The view from there is just amazing!
Takes your breath away!
The city, the salt pans, the Molentargius Park, the entire Gulf of Angels from Capo Boe
(Villasimius) to Pula. The sea that, at a few hundred meters below, is so transparent and unreal!

view from trekking path

Nature, archeology, hiking, trekking and even sports such as running and mountain biking,
on the Devil’s Saddle can be enjoyed!

As you can see, we have selected some photos to get you involved in the beauty of this
place that rises inside the city, at the same time, constitutes an authentic world of biodiversity,
unspoiled nature and breathtaking views!

Are you searching any tips about a trekking in Cagliari or nearby?
This is the perfect choice for you!

Nature: here you can see hovering in the sky species of birds such as the
European Shag, Black headed Gulls, Peregrine Falcon, Kestrel, Barbary Partridge.
In addition to many endemic reptiles and mammals.
In Spring the bloom of countless plants daze!
Iris, Buttercup, Mimosa, Juniper and Euphorbia in addition to the endless families of Broom.

Archeology: New excavation phase is heading to the ancient temple of Astarte:
mother goddess for the Phoenicians, frequenters in ancient times of the Gulf of Cagliari,
but also of the ancient Byzantine church of Sant’Elia.
The ancient Roman cistern (still active) and also the Punic one not far away.

History: The whole area has always been inhabited by man, countless caves that the sea and the winds
carved into the soft tufaceous stone still show about it. In addition to more legible pre-historical evidence
there are the ruins of the monastery of the Vittorini fathers, coming from Marseilles, to whom the bishop of Cagliari
in the eleventh century had granted large areas, just out Cagliari city, cultivable or manageable
like the Sant’Elia’s Hill from where they took care of the salt pans, fish and the orchards on the slopes of
the hill.

Trekking in Cagliari roman water tank
Roman water tank.

During the Aragonese-Spanish domain the Sella del Diavolo became a perfect sighting place on the entire gulf,
the Pisan Tower “della Lanterna” was erected in 1282 on the highest part of the promontory was restored and
they built the tower of the “Pouhet” that still today named the entire beach below called Poetto which means “well”
for the proximity of another Roman cistern of water. The towers will also be used during the Savoy
period until at least 1867.

In the 900s, forts, deposits and constructions will be built by Italian Army that become really useful during the
II world war. Even today the promontory is still largely a military area,
this has, however, guaranteed salvation from the constructive madness of the 60-80s.
For further infos please visit Cagliari Turismo.

Sport: Authentic destination in the city for lovers of hiking and ecology, armed with good shoes,
here is definitely funny place! Many paths lead to extraordinary hidden beaches, here!
If equipped with a solid mountain bike, the characteristics of the rock and therefore the slopes and the paths
are superlative, just mind to wear a helmet!

Relax: Near the archaeological excavation area, an old ex-military hut has been restored so, from there you can
enjoy the view towards Pula (south-east coast) and there have been placed some wooden benches where we love,
even in winter, exchange our books with those left in the hut and simply bask in the sun reading!

Where the “Devil’s Saddle” name comes from?

The Devils astonished by the beauty of the Gulf of Cagliari wanted to take possession of it!
The Creator then sent his beloved Angels led by the warrior Archangel Michael to fight away
mainly Lucifer and his militias. Above the sky the battle was tremendous!
Here are two conclusions that the legend tells us today: Lucifer fleeing, falling from his fiery horse
he lost the saddle that fell into the gulf waters and solidified into the promontory; the other says
that Lucifer fell right over the promontory giving it the shape we can still observe.
Do you believe it?

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