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The Feast of Sant Efisio

The Feast of Sant Efisio

It’s time of The Feast of Sant Efisio

Come to enjoy the Feast of Sant Efisio: the feast of whole Sardinia!

We’re preparing to celebrate the next edition (since more than 350 years) of the Feast of
Sant Efisio Martyr. The Roman soldier who was beheaded in Nora because
he had not denied his faith in Jesus Christ.
In the 1652, thanks to Sant Efisio Cagliari was saved from the plague, since
that day the city and the whole island of Sardegna celebrated him with the
solemn pilgrimage that winds up to Nora and return.

A 45 kms pilgrimage divided into four stages where the saint is greeted
with real emotion and He releases many votes.

The great celebration begins May the 1st: in Stampace discrict He comes out
of his church (where he was imprisoned). Proceeds through the streets of
Cagliari in the ox-cart dressed, anticipated by thousands of people from
all villages of Sardinia with their original costumes: hundreds of horsemen
and dozens of “traccas” coach and pair ox prepared to feast.
Stops in Giorgino, Su Loi, Villa Dorr, Sarroch. May 2nd and 3rd, arrives in
the small church dedicated to him to Nora (where he was beheaded), is
worshiped here until May 4th when he returned late in the evening,
preceded by a procession more quiet and intimate, in the chapel of
Sant Efisio in Cagliari.

Feast of Sant Efisio - Old costumes

Feast of Sant Efisio - Traccas decoration

Feast of Sant Efisio - Desulo costume

The most exciting moment is surely the arrival of Sant Efisio in
Via Roma, Cagliari. The women throw flower petals on the ground “Sa Ramadura” and
when He arrive in front of the city council building, he is greeted by ships moored in the port with the sirens,
echoing around the Golfo degli Angeli (Gulf of the Angels).


Feast of Sant Efisio - Sa Ramadura   Feast of Sant Efisio - Traccas  Feast of Sant Efisio - Traccas

Feast of Sant Efisio - Traccas  Feast of Sant Efisio - Soldiers Feast of Sant Efisio - Orgosolo costume

Feast of Sant Efisio - Old costume Feast of Sant Efisio - old sardinia Women costume  Feast of Sant Efisio - Sardinian old costume

Feast of Sant Efisio - Nuoro costume

Feast of Sant Efisio - Ittiri costume


It’s possible to enjoy the procession of the May 1st also seated in
various forums, the place can costs from 15 to 45 euros depending on
the location and on the availability.



The Feast of Sant Efisio represents not only the most important religious
celebration of Sardinia but also the most important moment for sharing the cultures,
the colors, the languages, the dances and songs of the island.
Therefore, it’s a unique opportunity to admire the Sardinian culture in
its most intimate fulfillment.

So, if you are thinking to come to see this event why not to check our best offer out?

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Text and Photos by: © ℗ Daniela and Michele™ 2010-2018.

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