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Seada, Sardinia sweet.

Sardinia sweet

Sardinia typical sweet.

Seada original Sardinia sweet!


The new Ca del Sol blog post shows you
a typical Sardinia sweet “Seadas“.
The Easter week is the perfect time for
Seadas as it’s a traditional dessert of two important festivities
Easter and, of course, Christmas.

Here’s the dessert recipe with some pictures:
a filling of acid cheese, “semola” (durumu wheat),
flavored with grated lemon zest.

A pasta made with flour, “semola”, salt and lard, which is made
into thin paste sheets where is placed the filling and covered
with another pasta sheet.
It is cut with a cutter wheel and decorated with a stencil
that is called “Sa Pintadera“.

Like this:

Sardinia sweet seada
Seada “impasto”

…decorating with Sa Pintadera:

Sardinia sweet Sa Pintadera
Decoration of the Seada by Sa Pintadera.

Our delicious Seada is ready just to fry in hot olives oil:

Sardinia sweet Seada fried
Seada fried

Now is time to spill over it a little bit of
bitter honey (Sardinian corbezzolo honey):

Sardinia sweet ready to eat
Seada is ready to eat!

We suggest you to taste Seada drinking sardinian wine like Moscato or Malvasia di Bosa,
it will be a perfect dessert!

These photos you’re seeing are the seadas prepared by Miss Itria from
Nuoro city our favorite cook (…and Daniela’s mom) that we’d like to thank very much! 😉

If you would love to receive any info or tip about Sardinia sweet Seada, feel free
to get in touch with us, please fill out the form or also sending a message via Facebook page.

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Texts and Photos by: © ® Daniela and Michele 2011/2018

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