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Sardinia tradition: Su Nenniri.

sardinia tradition

Su Nenniri, Sardinia Tradition.

Sardinia Tradition, one of the oldest ritual.


sardinia tradition
Su Nenniri, old tradition of the island.

Here we speak about Sardinia tradition as it has still many,
as you probably know, and Su Nenneri is perhaps the most linked
to the rebirth after death cult and it has a perfect evocation during Easter week.
So we went to the church of Sant. Efisio in Cagliari on
the Holy Friday procession and, we saw a whole
altar fully decorated with it.

Su Nenniri (or even Nenneri) is simply the seed of the
grain stored in a jar with soil and often watered,
kept in the dark to sprout in a bright yellow-green plant.

The root of this Sardinia tradition spread throughout the island but, in
Cagliari during Easter there is the maximum realization
sinks in the ancient pagan religions of the Mediterranean.
The myth of Adonis, which is disputed by Persephone and Aphrodite
in love with the beautiful blond young man who spends
four months at the Hell, four months on the Earth, killed during
a hunt by a wild boar and from whose blood is born Anemone.
Clear myth speaks about the birth of Spring and anticipates the
Passion of Christ
crucified and risen.


Sardinia tradition
Sant Efisio church with Su Nenniri.


On the floor in front of the altar, and in front of the signs of the
Passion (the cross, the statue of the Madonna) women were
placing these beautiful vases decorated with colored ribbons,
so we took some photos at the altar of the Sacred Heart of
Jesus in the church of Sant’Efisio
real pearl in Stampace
district, Cagliari, where the Sardinia patron saint was dressed in mourning.



sardinia tradition
Madonna Simulacrum in Sant Efisio church.


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sardinia tradition
Su Nenniri, old tradition of Sardinia island.



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