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Roman Road to Chia

roman road to chia

Roman Road to Chia: a breathtaking trekking
in Southern Sardinia.

How can you miss the opportunity to make a leap into history?
The Roman Road to Chia, connected Nora with the ancient lost city of Bithia.
Two hours of easy walking with an amazing sea view!

roman road chia

How to reach it:

Just an hour drive from Ca ‘del Sol bb, or from the center of Cagliari, via the SS195,
direction Teulada, turn at the junction towards Pinus Village where it is possible
still today intercept the ancient Roman road to Chia.

Once you have parked the car in the residential area, you can start the hike along the road
within about 3,4 miles (5.5 kms), with a maximum height of only 70 mts, so everything is
very simple.
We recommend you to fit hiking shoes, avoiding slippers or sandals, and bring, at least one
liter of water per person. The signs do not exist so we recommend you to print this article we’ve written for you.

A little bit of History:

The Roman Road was built around the 4th century AD and connected
specifically Nora (near Pula) to Bithia on the road axis between Cagliari
and Sulki (Sant’Antioco). The paving stones that constitute the whole road structure, is still visible.
It belonged to the road system of south-western Sardinia
as described in the Antonine Itinerary.

roman road chia
Antonino Itinerary.

Over the centuries it has been a continuous connection between the two territorial entities
of Sant Margherita di Pula and Domus de Maria. Many centuries before the road through the mountains
that leads to Teulada,
was done.

roman road chia
Ancient paving stones


roman road chia
Roman bridge

Walking, over looking the Sea

Yeah, this is priceless! Isn’t it? The sea is always on your left hand-side for miles.
As the forest of Is Cannoneris which is right above your head and in the
which for long stretches you will be immersed. The dirt road is very easy and you can
dedicate for shooting some beautiful photographies, as we tried to do as well!

roman road chia

roman road chia

roman road chia

Aromas of enveloping Mediterraneanness, thinking of walking
on a road designed and built more than 1600 years ago!

A long descent and you’ll be at the islet of Su Cardulinu, where there are
some archaeological stuff: it seems, that here, there was a cemetery area of the period
Phoenician-Punic (Tophet), in fact under the Tower of Chia, which you will see soaring, there are the
remains of ancient Bithia, a port that has been valued for centuries like a
strategic place, given the location halfway between Cagliari and Sulki,
in addition to the proximity (only 145 nautical miles about 250km) to Carthage (now Tunis).

roman road chia

Better to let you know that you have to go back to where you came from, in fact the path is not a circle so,
you have to consider the other 3 miles (5kms about) for going home.
But it is not so bad, what do you think about it? Anyway, on the beach of Su Portu, there is a kiosk
where you can refresh yourself 😉

Tecnical things:

Length: about 3,4 miles (5.5 kms), one way.
Route: Departure from Pinus Village beach and arrival at the Torre di Chia promontory.
Difference in height: 70 meters
Difficulty: Tourist.
Signage: Poor.

roman road chia

roman road chia

roman road chia

Feel free to drop us a line, if you’d like any tip or info about this trekking.

Did you already, check our offers out? Let’s do it for coming here and for getting start to this spot!

roman road chia

roman road chia

Texts and Photos by © 2019 Daniela and Michele for

daniela and michele ca del sol bb


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