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Chiara Vigo Byssus Master

Chiara Vigo

Chiara Vigo

Chiara Vigo lives in Sardinia

It was a windy winter afternoon with Minstral at force 8!
Perfect Day to watch the storm on the island where live
Chiara Vigo. Next to the Archaeological Museum of Sant’Antioco
the city council gave a room to this “Maestra” for having her
precious Bisso’s plots with the old hand loom in the hometown.

Chiara Vigo
Chiara Vigo at the Loom working.

Just that afternoon we understood what that fabric was
so fragile: reddish with golden flashes and so intensely
sea fragrant. The Bisso is the filament that Pinna Nobilis
secretes, it lives in shallow sandy water and in fact, the
Sant’Antioco’s lagoon is the perfect atmosphere.
Since ancient times this sea-materil was used for unique products
and precious fabric often dressed by personalities like: kings,
dukes, princes, popes…

Today, only Chiara Vigo remaining to work Bisso in the
Mediterranean and Europe, and among the few in the world!
Chiara works on these old axes and rods over a really
monument which is her loom, built at the end of 600’s and passed
down from generation to generation among the women in
her family as always they are weavers, and many Bisso’s initiates.
She makes us a gift as we can participate in this ancestral
event which is to prepare the wire by removing the
impurities of Pinna Nobilis: sand and algae, spinning with
few experts gestures and then weaving with delicate
hand movements.

Ancient Loom of Chiara Vigo
Chiara works on her Loom every day since she was a little girl.

In a moment it comes a beautiful essay that tied the wrist
of Daniela and becomes a valuable bracelet.
Chiara accompany this gift with a kind of prayer, almost a
blessing. “You can not sell Byssus, you can only donate!”
she urges to us! In fact, among the many rules of the weavers
of the sea’s silk is precisely this that sort of money for
such treatment. We are amazed by the magic words of this
woman who recalls some ancient stories about the old masters
of Sardinia. The Mistral whirls out the window making this
meeting even more intense and mystical!

Old Loom in Sardinia island of Chiara Vigo
The ancient Loom of Chiara Vigo.

Chiara Vigo has a own blog where you can get more images, it’s just in italian anyway…
…we recommend you to visit her!

This video-doc by Great Big Story is pretty interesting:

Where does Chiara live?

We are at just 40 miles away from Chiara Vigo’s home town so,
if you would love to sleep here and than get to it with public trasports
like train or bus we will be really happy! So check our best offers out 😉




Text and Photos by: © ® Daniela and Michele 2010/2018


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