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Cagliari city of the Sun.

cagliari sun

Cagliari means Sun!

Cagliari Sun …ny city of Italy!


cagliari sun
Sardinia is the Island of the Sun in Italy.


We’ve realized that Cagliari = Sun is not just “a
speech in the city”, but a real science-fact.
Reading the book “L’Elefante sulla Torre”
(The Elephant on the Tower) by Francesco Alziator
on the generality of the Italian cities, Cagliari has a huge
average exposure to the sun with more than 2700 hours per year.
We filled interested in, so we woulded understand what
is really the phenomenon of Eliofania (sunshine).

Watching the datas from the various websites of meteo and
wikipedia we also have downloaded a report from the Italian
Air Force
such as a study carried out from 1950 to 1985 and
the data compared, testing station to station, are unequivocal.

Cagliari, Alghero and Olbia with Gela and Palinuro (in Sicily)
are the most sunny places in whole Italy thanks to the phenomenon of Sunshine.
Of course at the European level Faro (Portugal)
has a record much greater with 3100 hours per year but
we can really enjoy the fact that Cagliari is absolutely “kissed
by Elios”
also statistically and not just as a way of saying!


cagliari sun
Eliofania in Europe, in red are the most sunny areas, in blue are the less-sunny places.


During the calendar there are 8765 hours per year, not counting
the 50% as night-time, in Cagliari sun shines for 31% of the time 🙂



cagliari sun
Cagliari on the Italian Air Force graphic.


What are you waiting for? Come to visit us!
Now you know the reason why we’ve called our b&b
Ca ‘del Sol (House of the Sun) 😉



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