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Americas Cup World Series Cagliari – Due to Covid-19 Cancelled!

America Cup World Series Cagliari

Americas Cup World Series in Cagliari.

This is a really sad news! For the first time ever, the first leg of the 36th Americas
Cup World Series should be taking place in the Cagliari ancient harbour, it is the chief town of the marvellous
wind-and-sun-drenched Med island of Sardegna, Italy!
Due to Covid-19 this event has been Cancelled!

Luna Rossa Prada America Cup Cagliari
AC75 Luna Rossa Launch

Cagliari should be base for the first leg of the Americas Cup World series!

The ancient port of Cagliari should become the free-to-enter race village of this extraordinary
event, not only for following the regattas that should take place in the Gulf of Cagliari but
also enjoying all the appointments that should be held in the harbor front.
Cagliari for 4 days, from 10 to 21 hours, should be the capital of world sailing!
Not! Corona Virus wins and, at the moment, we are just lockdown! Fingers crossed, anyway guys! We will survive!

Sardinia: ideal island for world sailing! Still it is, indeed!

In Cagliari, it should be possible to admire and feel for the first time the fastest sailing boats
of the world! The AC75 are authentic flying-hulls! They hit unthinkable speeds!
So, if you love the sea, you have just to keep tuned and wait for a next, better, time!
At Ca ‘del Sol bed and breakfast you can sleep and, in the morning, enjoy our carefully
prepared breakfast with the freshest food of the day, enjoying the preparations of the
Luna Rossa and Britannia teams at the windows, that will stay here training out.
Check out where we are…

…stepping down the stairs of Ca del Sol b & b!

It sould be at just 50 meters from our bed and breakfast, so really, only get down the stairs,
you should be able reach out the America Cup World Series Cagliari, village! Not more possible! 🙁
Anyway, for further informations visit the event website.

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bb ca del sol america cup in cagliari
Ca del Sol windows overlook America Cup Cagliari.


America Cup World Series Cagliari
Luna Rossa launching


America Cup World Series Cagliari
Luna Rossa Base in Cagliari

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