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two days in cagliari

Two days in Cagliari

Itineraries for two days in Cagliari Are you about to visit the capital of Sardinia or have you just arrived? Well, two days in Cagliari are enough to get a general idea of one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean. Here is an itinerary for your 48 hours (or[…]

Sardinia Graptolites

In Goni village: the best Sardinia Graptolites A short walk between the fossils of Goni village, where you’ll see the best conserved Sardinia Graptolites is a magical experience! Tiny beings who lived in the Silurian era (430 million years ago) now so close to you, it really is a privilege![…]

Your safe accommodation in cagliari

Ca’ del Sol is your safe accommodation in Cagliari city! Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, in accordance with the Italian government’s health protocols, we are now carrying out an even more thorough cleaning service so, that you can be confident of a safe, clean accommodation, guest house, small hotel[…]

Quirra Castle - view from the top

Castle of Quirra

Among the most fascinating in Sardinia: the Castle of Quirra. At just few kilometers away from the beautiful beaches of Muravera and Villaputzu (Sardinia eastern coast), on the Mount Cudias, it is located the Castle of Quirra, among the 83 most important medieval castles of Sardinia. It’s an amazing example[…]

Sardinia Centuries Old Olive Trees

Sardinia Centuries Old Olive Trees

S’Ortu Mannu, South Sardinia Centuries Old Olive Trees Park. Do you like trees? If it is so, you can’t miss the S’Ortu Mannu Park of Villamassargia, where you can admire many huge Sardinia centuries old Olive Trees! Follow us in this post, we would love introducing you Sa Reina the[…]

fossil beach of Cagliari

Fossil Beach of Cagliari

Cagliari has a fossil beach, too! Would you ever have said that Cagliari has a fossil beach? But you know, Sardinia is a continuous surprise! The fossil beach of Cagliari, named also “Is Arenas”, is a sort of continuation of the platform-sediment where the Poetto and the Molentargius Park are[…]


#StayAtHome and know Sardinia!

Know Sardinia island while you #StayAtHome Frightened by Corona Virus pandemic? We too! Like you we #stayathome no chance! Well, as you know, we always think about you so, we’re glad to suggest you some posts, photos and videos from the Sardinia island that you can enjoy just sitting down[…]

luggage storage cagliari

Luggage storage Cagliari

Where can I find a luggage storage in Cagliari? This is one of the most common question that guests send us: is there a luggage storage Cagliari? So, we would like to write something about it in this blog. Hoping it will work for you. Feel free to drop us[…]

Carnival in Sardinia

Carnival in Sardinia: where ancestral cults are revealed. Sardinia, the place of Carnival in Italy! Without any doubt, Carnival in Sardinia represents the very essence of Carnival in Italy! If you want to experience the authentic carnival ritual, you absolutely have to come to Sardinia, then!

America Cup World Series Cagliari

Americas Cup World Series Cagliari – Due to Covid-19 Cancelled!

Americas Cup World Series in Cagliari. This is a really sad news! For the first time ever, the first leg of the 36th Americas Cup World Series should be taking place in the Cagliari ancient harbour, it is the chief town of the marvellous wind-and-sun-drenched Med island of Sardegna, Italy![…]

roman road to chia

Roman Road to Chia

Roman Road to Chia: a breathtaking trekking in Southern Sardinia. How can you miss the opportunity to make a leap into history? The Roman Road to Chia, connected Nora with the ancient lost city of Bithia. Two hours of easy walking with an amazing sea view!

Sardinia wild Horses in the Giara of Gesturi Park

Wild Horses in Sardinia

Wild Horses in Sardinia have a perfect place for living, its name is “Giara di Gesturi” natural park. We went to the Giara di Gesturi’s plateau: spring has already exploded in all its essences, colors and fluctuating forms. What an extraordinary paradise is to see wild horses in the Giara[…]

rent bike in cagliari

Rent Bike in Cagliari

Rent bike in Cagliari: read our recommendations about how to enjoy the Sardinian capital …on two wheels! It is certainly an excellent solution to discover the city by rent bike in Cagliari, riding on two wheels and pedaling through the historic districts or along the Harbour, or even thinking about[…]

birdwatching in cagliari

Birdwatching in Cagliari

Birdwatching in Cagliari In all the wetlands and marshlands areas of Cagliari, birdwatching is a popular activity for all the people! So, let’s follow us in this post!

Trekking in Cagliari

Best Trekking in Cagliari: Sella del Diavolo. Visible from anywhere in the city, Sella del Diavolo becomes a real point of view in the capital of the Sardinia island. One of the best trekking in Cagliari city, indeed! The path that leads to the top of the promontory, named Sant’Elia,[…]

The Feast of Sant Efisio

The Feast of Sant Efisio

It’s time of The Feast of Sant Efisio Come to enjoy the Feast of Sant Efisio: the feast of whole Sardinia! We’re preparing to celebrate the next edition (since more than 350 years) of the Feast of Sant Efisio Martyr. The Roman soldier who was beheaded in Nora because he[…]

10th Ca’ del Sol Anniversary

CA’ DEL SOL 10th ANNIVERSARY It was May 29th 2008 when the City of Cagliari government issued the authorization No.3777 allowing us to, finally, open the doors of Ca ‘del Sol to travelers who love this paradisiac island which is called Sardinia! The Mediterranean Sun really came in, illuminating the[…]

rent car cagliari

Rent Car in Cagliari

Rent Car in Cagliari. Some tips about rent car in Cagliari. Guests often ask us for advice on a reliable Rent Car in Cagliari. We have ​​a walk in the surrounding area and we choose some for you, hoping you enjoy it. They have interesting rates and sometimes cheaper than big web companies…[…]

Beaches of South Sardinia

Beaches of South Sardinia

Beaches of South Sardinia Best tips about beaches of south Sardinia. We went to the best beaches of South Sardinia, just to see the colors of summer in this magnificent part of the island enjoying the sun and the sea of Sardinia at a time, in June, relatively not too[…]

Sardinia sweet

Seada, Sardinia sweet.

Sardinia typical sweet. Seada original Sardinia sweet!   The new Ca del Sol blog post shows you a typical Sardinia sweet “Seadas“. The Easter week is the perfect time for Seadas as it’s a traditional dessert of two important festivities Easter and, of course, Christmas. Here’s the dessert recipe with[…]

Chiara Vigo

Chiara Vigo Byssus Master

Chiara Vigo Chiara Vigo lives in Sardinia It was a windy winter afternoon with Minstral at force 8! Perfect Day to watch the storm on the island where live Chiara Vigo. Next to the Archaeological Museum of Sant’Antioco the city council gave a room to this “Maestra” for having her[…]

Pantaleo Forest

Pantaleo Forest

Pantaleo Forest. The Sulcis mountains are covered with a blanket of dense vegetation dominated by deciduos holm-oak thickets. Pantaleo Forest corresponds to the most extensive stretch of holm-oak in Europe and the Mediterranean. The territory exhibits many rare species like yew, holly and some endemic trees such as Mount Etna broom. The habitat hosts[…]

cagliari sun

Cagliari city of the Sun.

Cagliari means Sun! Cagliari Sun …ny city of Italy!     We’ve realized that Cagliari = Sun is not just “a speech in the city”, but a real science-fact. Reading the book “L’Elefante sulla Torre” (The Elephant on the Tower) by Francesco Alziator on the generality of the Italian cities,[…]

sardinia tradition

Sardinia tradition: Su Nenniri.

Su Nenniri, Sardinia Tradition. Sardinia Tradition, one of the oldest ritual.   Here we speak about Sardinia tradition as it has still many, as you probably know, and Su Nenneri is perhaps the most linked to the rebirth after death cult and it has a perfect evocation during Easter week. So we went[…]